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Our Values

The executive team at Foothills Capital advocates the principles of integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness in all aspects of life. Speaking of these values, the Foothill’s executive team offers these observations:

“Foothills partners with management and together invests in profitable, small North American companies, with the goal to build value in the business and to generate superior, long- term financial returns for investors. Foothills identifies capable management and works with them to accomplish their goal of building a successful business. Depending on the business and opportunity, Foothills will also partner with other financial institutions to provide the necessary capital and financing.”

(W. T. David Murray, President & CEO)

"By working in tandem with management of the subsidiary companies, Foothills Capital provides the type of leadership and strategic direction necessary to ensure these businesses achieve their revenue and profitability targets, and increase their presence and market share in their respective focus areas. This approach ensures that we and our investment partners realize the desired returns on investment capital.”

(Mark Voorhies, Executive Vice President, Operations)

“We place, at the core of our decisions, personal integrity in the people that work for the family of companies. Trustworthiness is essential in the workplace to establish long-term relationships where people rely upon one another to succeed.”

(Diane Hooven, Vice President, Finance)

“Doing the right things long enough consistently ensures that seeds of opportunity planted today garner large yields tomorrow. It is with this sound philosophy that Foothills Capital approaches each and every business opportunity.”

(Daniel Lalonde, Vice President, Business Development)