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Who We Are

Foothills Capital Corp. is a corporate consolidating entity that provides investment capital and management expertise to its portfolio of subsidiary companies, which are primarily engaged in the energy sector.

What we do
As the consolidating entity for its global operating businesses, Foothills’ primary objective is to maximize its return on capital by ensuring its subsidiary companies realize their revenue and profitability targets year over year.

This objective is met through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions, or both. The end result is to strengthen Foothills’ existing subsidiary firms and make them leaders in their particular market niches.

Foothills also looks to expand its interests to other complementary market areas.

With expertise in transportation, real estate, and various commodity and resource-based sectors, Foothills is continually exploring new investment opportunities, retrospectively considering the needs for environmentally responsible energy sources. Thus, its portfolio of companies continues to expand as it establishes new entities in complementary markets and acquires existing firms with competitive advantages in their particular market sphere.

Because of the above focus and objective, Foothills has...

  • assembled a strong and proven management team;
  • developed a profitable, growing group of companies;
  • capitalized on the unprecedented demand for energy services;
  • established partnerships with large industry players;
  • reinvested (and is reinvesting) in productive capital and human assets; and
  • realized exceptional investment returns

Our Mission
Foothills’ mission is to...